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Staff Highlight: Robin Amylon

Meet Robin Amylon, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CSCS our new clinical nutrition specialist AND strength and conditioning specialist. We are excited have our first hybrid staff member! Robin will be training clients through The Micheli Center and will be seeing patients for clinical nutrition support through Boston Children's Hospital. Let's get to know Robin!

Hometown: N. Scituate, RI

Alma maters: Queens College (undergrad) & Springfield College (grad)

Fun Fact: I went to musical theater school between high school and college (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy).

Favorite professional sports teams: Anything New England: Patriots, Bruins, Celtics (I’m not a huge baseball fan but I’ll also root for the Red Sox if it’s on).

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Hawaii

What drew you to The Micheli Center: I was really drawn to the collaborative team approach. All disciplines work together to help the athletes perform to the best of their ability and reduce risk of injury/return back to sport safely after an injury.

How did you develop an interest in clinical nutrition and strength & conditioning: As a dancer, I have been active my whole life and I also started strength training in high school. I developed an interest in clinical nutrition and strength and conditioning because I wanted to help people reach their wellness goals in a realistic and healthy way. Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand. I decided to pursue both so I could better serve my clients, athletes, and patients.

What are small changes people could make that would have a large impact in their overall health: A small change every day can make a huge impact over a long period of time. The change itself doesn’t entirely matter, but what matters more is that the change is something the person feels confident they can maintain long-term. Setting weekly goals that are specific and realistic are a great place to start. Take a moment to assess your current habits regarding sleep, nutrition, exercise, and self-care. Set goals based on the areas that need improvement.

What is your preferred method of exercise, either a certain activity or specific regimen: I love to dance. I have been a dancer most of my life and it is a huge passion of mine. It brings me so much joy and truly feeds my soul. Aside from taking dance classes, I also enjoy strength training.

Favorite motivational/inspirational quote: “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” - John Wooden

Favorite nacho toppings: ground beef, beans, cheese, salsa, and guacamole

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