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Staff Highlight: Michael Cook

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Meet Michael Cook, BSc, ATC, LAT, CSCS, CKTP! We're thrilled to have Michael's experience and expertise on our team. He is training full-time in Norwood and loves to work with athletes of all sports/activities.

Hometown: Duxbury, MA

Schools (undergrad & graduate): University of Massachusetts, Boston

Favorite professional athlete or sports team: Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Italy

What drew you to The Micheli Center? The level of excellence that the team at TMC embodies in caring and helping injured athletes return to their respective field of play.

How did you develop an interest in athletic or personal training? When deciding my path for my bachelor’s degree, I developed an interest in providing support for the athlete in their pursuit of excellence. Not all athletes play on a field, as I discovered while working at a fitness center in an industrial setting. Some athletes need the ability to support themselves and recover from injuries sustained while at work.

What are small changes people could make that would have a large impact in their overall health? It's not about the big steps. Taking small steps that accumulate over time, can have just as much of an impact on their journey to their improved level of athleticism, and help reduce injury exposure.

What is your preferred method of exercise, either a certain activity or specific regimen? Having an open mind when it comes to program design has allowed me to improve my education and training capacity for the athletes I encounter.

Favorite motivational/inspirational quote: “Recruit the glute”

And, since we love pizza parties at TMC, favorite pizza topping: Hamburger, mushroom, extra cheese

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