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Staff Highlight: Farren Davis

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Meet Farren Davis, MBA, RSCC, CSCS, USAW, RPR! Farren is returning back to our team after a brief hiatus and we're happy to have him here. Farren is training in both Waltham and Norwood locations.

Hometown: Readsboro, Vermont

Alma mater: Dean College, Fitchburg State, and Southern New Hampshire University

Favorite sports team: LA Rams

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: I have road tripped across the country, but I'll always love Florida.

What drew you to The Micheli Center? The people; it is a culture of teamwork and helping others. I was there for over 3 years during my first stop and never learned so much in my life, excited to be back!

How did you develop an interest in athletic or personal training? While training for sports in high school, I read my first strength and conditioning manual my sophomore year and fell in love with the process of self improvement.

What are small changes people could make that would have a large impact in their overall health? Unplug and get outside to play, work, or train every day.

What is your preferred method of exercise, either a certain activity or specific regimen? I enjoy experimenting with all forms of exercise and think they can all provide value. My background is in weight training and while I like to do variations of Olympic lifts, strongman, yoga, and speed workouts - sled dragging or hill sprints are my favorite.

Favorite motivational/inspirational quote: “To finish first, preparation cannot come second”

And, since we love ice cream parties at TMC, favorite ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry’s - Half Baked!

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