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What TMC is All About

Over the past six months, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most intelligent and passionate group of doctors, injury prevention specialists, researchers, and strength and conditioning specialists at The Micheli Center. Day in and day out, the staff members work as a unit to improve athletes in every way possible; they assess the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, provide in-depth information to help the athlete understand how their body functions, and encourage the athlete to do their best to prevent the risk of injury through hard-work, consistency, and attention to detail.

Ironically, it seems that many athletes do not understand the importance of injury prevention until they are forced to. Within the past few years, I have encountered two major setbacks in my athletic career: the first was surgery to fix a broken fibula, and the second involved a slow progression over the course of seven months in an attempt to determine whether I needed to have an operation or not for a grade-three LCL tear paired with a nasty bone contusion. I was shocked how intense rehab was, not to mention the severe confidence fluctuations combined with an unnerving ache to play again. That being said, these obstacles have taught me to take much better care of myself, on and off the field.

Of course we can’t predict exactly how and when we will get injured, but if this was possible, I would have signed up with The Micheli Center before I suffered my injuries. There could not be a more qualified, motivational, respectful, and kind group of trainers than the gang that works at TMC. Whether you see Sara, Dennis, Corey, Jen, Jeff, Brandon, or Farren, they are all incredibly knowledgeable, and they treat the athletes like the unique individuals they are. They truly want what is best for their clients, and they do everything in their power to make that happen.

The facility’s main focus is on injury prevention, and there are numerous components that should be highlighted. There is something here for everyone!

The Injury Prevention Analysis is for all ages. It evaluates the athlete’s range of motion, endurance, strength, and flexibility taking into consideration their medical history and training routines. This can provide a complete report that identifies the athlete’s most likely sports injuries.

The 3D Pitching Analysis, which is analyzed by Injury Prevention Specialist Corey Dawkins and Biomechanist/Research Engineer Amy Whited, uses a 3D replica to visually portray the pitcher’s throwing mechanics and highlights where the athlete is at the highest risk for injury.

The 3D Golf Analysis, analyzed by Injury Prevention Specialist Dennis Borg and Amy Whited, performs a similar evaluation for golf athletes.

The Running Injury Prevention Program allows athletes to view and correct their running form. All Injury Prevention Specialists are qualified to assist these runners with examining and fixing their gaits; Dr. d’Hemecourt is the medical director.

An athlete who suffers an ACL injury is 4-8x more likely to be female. The ACL Prevention Class teaches athletes about the importance of building strength in the muscles around the knees.

Dr. Michael O’Brien, Director of the Sports Concussion Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dr. William Meehan, Director of the Micheli Center and Director of Research for the Brain Injury Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, are both huge advocates for concussion prevention. TMC offers Concussion Prevention Classes that help an athlete improve neuromuscular control by focusing on balance and strengthening the neck and core muscles.

As all of the trainers would argue, conditioning during the offseason is essential for athletes who wish to stay in peak condition year-round; Offseason Conditioning Classes are offered here to supplement the athlete’s workouts.

The mental side of sports is just as, if not more, important than the physical aspect. Performance Enhancement & Rehab Specialist Kelsey Griffith can help athletes reach their full potential.

The center also has Private Training Sessions for anyone who wants to improve their overall athletic abilities and meet specific performance goals.

Any athlete who is serious about their sport, their training, and their overall performance should take a visit to The Micheli Center. No matter the age, sports injury prevention is important, as it allows athletes to do what they love without facing the misfortune of preventable setbacks. Take advantage of the resources at hand; learn from the professionals who know best!

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