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Top 5 Golf Courses in MA to Kick-Off Your Golf Season

After enduring a long and record setting winter, it’s time to dust off the clubs and hit the greens! We’ve compiled a list of the five best courses in Massachusetts to start your season at, based on quality during this time of year and ease of the course. These five courses offer enough challenge to work the kinks out of your game without making it necessary to break out the foot wedge on the first hole.

#5: Firefly Golf Course, 320 Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA

Firefly Golf Course

#4: Leicester Country Club, 1430 Main St. Leicester, MA

Leicester Country Club

#3: Templewood Golf Course, 160 Brooks Rd, Templeton, MA

Templewood Golf Course

#2: Sandwich Hollows, 1 Round Hill Rd, Sandwich, MA

Sandwich Hollows

#1: Southers Marsh, 30 Southers Marsh Ln, Plymouth, MA

Southers Marsh

Before you start the season, stop by The Micheli Center for a 3D TPI Golf Swing Analysis to discover inefficiencies in your swing and to learn how to fix them.

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