3D Golf Swing Analysis

IDEAL FOR: All golfers, from beginners to pros.

Learn how to improve your golf swing while simultaneously reducing your risk of injury. Using a combination of the TPI Golf Screen with a 3D video analysis of your swing, we’ll identify areas of weakness, imbalance, and flexibility and strength limitations that lead to inefficiencies in your swing mechanics and add to your injury risk.

Our 3D Motion Analysis allows us to measure timing, torque, and angular velocity of the different segments of your swing, body rotation, and club to identify exactly where in the kinematic sequence your body becomes unaligned, which causes inefficiencies in your swing and/or pain. Another major benefit of the 3D analysis is the ability to see borderline swing flaws that would otherwise appear normal in a 2D video analysis. These types of flaws often lead to injuries if not corrected.

Golf injuries are often the result of improper swing mechanics that your body develops to compensate for lack of mobility and stability. With this evaluation, you’ll learn how to correct those deficiencies with stretches and strengthening & conditioning exercises. You will also be provided with a detailed report for a swing coach or golf pro to correct your mechanical flaws.

Your golf analysis package includes:
• Breakdown of swing mechanics
• Strength & Flexibility evaluation
• Prescription for correcting areas of weakness and imbalances

First visit is two hours and must be scheduled Monday – Friday, a second visit to review the analysis will be one hour and can be scheduled Monday – Friday and select Saturdays

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