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Staff Highlight: Dennis Borg

From: Morrisville, VT

College attended: Endicott College (BS in Athletic Training); A.T. Still University (MS Human Movement)

Favorite sport: To play: a toss-up between golf and snowboarding. To watch: football and hockey

Favorite quote: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” ― John C. Maxwell

What brought you to The Micheli Center? When I graduated college in 2004 I began my career working at a physical therapy clinic and at a high school on the north shore (Swampscott). In my time there I worked with my high school teams during the summer to prepare them for the upcoming fall season. As a result of the athletes completing a pre-season strength and conditioning program, my life as an athletic trainer got a lot easier. The athletes were not only stronger and faster, but the teams saw a drastic reduction in injuries, making less work for me. Combining strength and conditioning with my knowledge and skill base as an athletic trainer quickly became my passion. The only problem was that, as an athletic trainer at a high school, I didn’t have the time to work with all of the athletes once the sports seasons began. When I saw The Micheli Center, I knew instantly that this was where I needed to be. It would give me the opportunity to help numerous athletes stay healthy and be on the top of their game, while letting me pursue my passion year round.

In your opinion, why is injury prevention so important, not only for athletes, but for the general population as well? No one likes to be injured or in pain. No matter whether you are an athlete or not, the repetitive motions in sports and everyday life cause muscle imbalances and/or compensatory motions, leading to injury. Finding these imbalances and addressing them is important to staying healthy.

Why do you enjoy working here at TMC? I enjoy teaching athletes how exercise can help them avoid injuries as well as cure the pain that they may be currently having while maximizing their performance.

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