January Trainee of the Month – Natalie Nogueira

Congratulations to Natalie, our January Trainee of the Month! Natalie has been working with The Micheli Center through the ACL Injury Prevention Program and has been doing personal training to help reduce the risk of other injuries as well. Natalie’s favorite sport is basketball and her greatest accomplishment was winning a national 3-point shooting competition in Chicago. Just like her favorite athlete, Rajon Rondo, Natalie tore her ACL, but is now looking forward to getting back to playing. Since Natalie started working with the center, she has become much stronger and is now confident she can go back to playing point guard without worrying about her previous injury. Natalie says the most important things she’s learned are the proper ways to move, jump, cut, and land to avoid another injury, as well as the need to always be working on her exercises to stay strong and healthy.

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