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Athlete Highlight: Nicole Cerulli

Athlete Highlight: Nicole Cerulli

Nicole Cerulli, an 18-year-old senior at Winsor School, has been working with The Micheli Center since she was a sophomore. She will be attending Barnard College next year and will be a goalkeeper for the Columbia University soccer team. Her favorite sport is soccer, but she also enjoys playing hockey and track.

Nicole first visited TMC because of shin-splints and a minor concussion. “I was going through the recruiting process for collegiate soccer, and I wanted to get serious about preparing myself for collegiate athletics. Since then I’ve been working on strength and injury prevention programs that some of the trainers have given me – mostly Dennis, Jeff, and Jen. All of the trainers have been great, and they all bring a slightly different background and perspective to athletic training and injury prevention. Recently I injured my knee, and they were incredibly helpful in supplementing my physical therapy with a sport-specific training program to help me get back on the field sooner. I feel like they’re in my corner and want to help me succeed on and off the field.”

In addition to her improvements with strength and speed, Nicole has gained a great deal of knowledge about how to structure her workouts intelligently. “I feel that I have become smarter about training and taking care of my body.”

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