Congratulations to Nicholas and Jonathan Marvan – March Trainees of the Month!

March 2014 – Nicholas and Jonathan Marvan

Nick is an avid lacrosse player who is most proud of winning an overtime braveheart at the summer lacrosse camp he attends. He says the most important thing he’s learned while working with the staff is how to use correct form while working out. His favorite athlete, Torgstein Horgmo, is a professional snowboarder from Norway who has won multiple gold medals at the Winter X Games. Nick came to the center at the recommendation of Dr. O’Brien and has been working onstrengthening his back, core, and neck as well as becoming a better overall athlete.

Jonnie is a fullback on his football team, and his greatest accomplishment so far was scoring his first touchdown. When he’s at the center, Jonnie’s focus is strengthening his core to be safer on the field and he’s learned the importance of working out properly so he doesn’t affect his growth. His favorite athlete is Adrian Peterson, and we’re sure that Jonnie will score just as many touchdowns as AP if he keeps working as hard he does right now!

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