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Congratulations to Emily & Christoper Devito – April Trainees of the Month!

Emily and Christopher Devito have been chosen as the April Trainees of the Month for their hard work! The brother and sister duo, who go by Emme and CJ, have been working with the center since January after hearing Dr. Micheli on WBZ speaking about the importance of injury prevention.

Emme is a dedicated dancer, whose favorite type of dance is Lyrical because she is able to use a lot of expression to tell a story and use a high level of technique to execute her moves.  Her greatest accomplishment in dance is the confidence and emotion she is able to express while on stage that allows her to engage the audience in her performances. CJ loves the fast pace of his favorite sport, lacrosse. He plays all over the field, but most enjoys defense and goalie. He’s most proud of scoring 5 goals this season and being in net to help his team to 3 wins.

Both siblings have developed strength and better balance since training at The Micheli Center. CJ has also learned the importance of running and pivoting safely and correctly on the field to reduce his injury risk, while Emme has found out she needs to develop all her muscle groups, not just the ones she uses in dance, to prevent overuse injuries.

Emme’s favorite dancer is So You Think You Can Dance season 8 winner Melanie Moore and CJ’s favorite athlete is retired NFL quarterback Todd Collins. Based on the hard work we see these two doing every week at the center, we’re sure they’ll be just as successful as their role models!

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