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Athlete Highlight: Brigitte

ACL Injury Return Spotlight: Brigitte

Getting back into the swing of things can be extremely difficult following a traumatic injury for anyone. After suffering an ACL injury in March of 2014 while skiing, Brigitte has been coming to The Micheli Center since May 2015 and working with Jen Morse, one of our Injury Prevention Specialists, to get back into her normal routine. Brigitte says that her time here has really “bridged the gap between PT and everyday activities to help me get back to where I was before sustaining an injury.”

Brigitte 2

Reminding herself of the injury made it hard to move forward, but working on new exercises and regaining strength gave her the boost and assurance she needed to keep going. Confidence is key to getting yourself into a routine again and it truly helps when you are in a controlled, safe environment. Jen stated that the she generally finds that hardest thing when working with adults after ACL injuries is the need to constantly remind them that what they are doing is good and that continuing the positive habits will give them positive results.


When it comes to the difference between children and adults tearing their ACL, Jen said that the endurance of a 10-year-old kid is much different, but that kids and adults are facing injuries without the proper step-by-step motions to ease back into their regular lives, a gap that The Micheli Center can help fill!

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