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The Micheli Center physicians publish new Spine Book

Dr. Micheli and colleagues affiliated with the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention are co-editors of a new publication entitled Spinal Injuries & Conditions in the Young Athlete.

Dr. Micheli’s co-editors are Pierre d’Hemecourt, Michael O’Brien, and Cynthia Stein. The book is 239 pages and has over 200 illustrations, many in color.

This is the first book in a new series that draws inspiration from the philosophies behind the Micheli Center. The series is entitled, “Contemporary Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine,” and Dr. Micheli is the series editor. The publisher is Springer.

“We’re really pleased that Springer chose to publish this new series,” says Dr. Micheli. “We’ve worked with them on other projects and they always do an excellent job.”

A section in the front of Spinal Injuries & Conditions in the Young Athlete shows an image of the Micheli Center and describes how the same philosophies behind the Center inspired the series.

The book covers the topic of spinal injuries in young athletes comprehensively with contributions from top physicians in the field, including Dr. Robert Cantu, Dr. Mark Proctor, and Dr. Micheli himself. Chapters cover acute spinal injuries, concussions, overuse injuries, spinal malformations, tumors, infections and inflammatory diseases across the range of athletics, including swimming and combat sports. A download of the full Table of Contents is available by clicking here. A sample chapter is available here. More information on the series itself is  available from the publishers website here.

“On behalf of Springer, I am very excited to be working with Dr. Micheli and his colleagues on this terrific and timely new book series,” says Kristopher Spring, Editor for orthopedics and sports medicine at Springer. “I look forward to an ongoing collaboration with them and continuing to publish high-level books on pediatric and adolescent sports medicine that convey the spirit and enthusiasm of the Micheli Center itself.”

The next book in the series will be The Young Female Athlete, edited by Drs. Cynthia Stein, Kathryn Ackerman, and Andrea Stracciolini, who also have close ties to the Micheli Center. Future titles include Head & Neck Injuries in the Young Athlete, The Young Tennis Player, and Injury in Youth Sports: Epidemiology, Treatment and Prevention.


For more information, contact Mark Jenkins, Editorial Manager – Division of Sports Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital – – 774-263-3196.

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