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Reduce your risk for concussions

Football season is in full swing now, and that means that we’re hearing a lot about concussions again. Although there are still many unknowns about a concussion, there is research suggesting it is possible to reduce your risk for receiving one. The main focus for reducing your risk should be on strengthening the neck, shoulder, and core muscles. Strength training that works these areas can help the body absorb the shock of a blow to the head. Overall fitness is also key: the stronger and more conditioned the athlete, the less likely he or she is to be injured. For a better understanding of concussions, symptoms, and treatment, be sure to check out our concussion resource page.

Below you will find some of the many exercises utilized to strengthen the above muscle groups.

Neck: Farmer Carry

Neck Isometrics

Core: Front Plank

Core: Dead Bug

Shoulder: Y,T,W’S

Shoulder: Bent Over Rows

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