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Perfection and Success

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Perfection and Success

As athletes, we often have a strongly ingrained notion of what it means to be perfect.

A perfect “10” A perfect shot A perfect play

We push ourselves to the limit, driven perpetually forward by our passion and desire to meet the expectations set simultaneously by ourselves and the sport culture. Perfection is the goal and we will not settle for less.

While perfection and outcomes are certainly motivators, did you ever consider that the idea of perfection may actually be getting in your way? All our lives we hear “Nobody’s perfect.” and yet, we continue to strive for the seemingly unobtainable.

Let’s take charge of this idea of perfection and take a moment to consider these questions: Is perfection equivalent to success? How does the idea of perfection as success affect your training? Is it motivating? Defeating? Is it possible to mold your perception of perfection?

My challenge for you is the following: try — for a week! — to replace the word “perfection” with “best.” Take some time to define YOUR BEST. Start each day by setting your intention with the phrase, “Today, my best will be…” Chances are you’ll start to experience a greater sense of satisfaction and empowerment in your training when you acknowledge that YOUR BEST is enough.

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