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Add 15 yards to your golf swing in one offseason

We recently caught up with Dr. Thomas Vorderer, a Podiatrist with the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and an avid golfer, who went through our 3D TPI Golf Swing Analysis program in the fall. Since that time, he has been working with our TPI-Certified trainer, Dennis Borg, to improve his strength and flexibility, and the results have been showing on the course.

Dr. Vorderer decided to come in for an analysis because he wanted to improve his game, but he didn’t expect the TPI screen or swing evaluation to uncover too many areas of concern. Before coming in, he had been working hard on his strength and flexibility as well as his swing, and was more interested in seeing the difference those self-improvements had made. However, several key findings were picked up during the screen and analysis that surprised him.

Unbeknownst to him, he was still taking his club too far back in his swing and then casting out on the down swing, both inefficiencies that were causing him to lose valuable yardage. After going through the 3D Analysis, he was able to bring this information to his swing coach who has been working with him to eliminate these two problems.

The second key issue that was discovered during the analysis was that Dr. Vorderer was unstable when over the ball, leading to inconsistent ball striking. Since going through the screen in the fall, he has been working with Dennis to improve his strength and flexibility and has seen significant improvement in this area.

Between the work with his golf swing coach and the training at The Micheli Center, Vorderer has added 15 yards on to his swing in just one offseason!

Dr. Vorderer recommends that “all golfers” go through the full 3D swing analysis and TPI evaluation. “Each component [is]one piece of the puzzle”, he says, noting that the 3D breakdown has allowed him to greatly improve his swing, while the strength and flexibility analysis identified where his weaknesses and imbalances were. The training he’s done since then has not only made him a better golfer, but it’s made him feel better in general and greatly improved his fitness.

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