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Stay out of the doctor’s office and in the game with unparalleled insight into injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance by discovering how to move better, perform better, and return to play faster with this comprehensive evaluation.

Athletes of all ages and abilities, anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Driven by a multidisciplinary team of Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine physicians, clinicians, and researchers, the Injury Prevention Evaluation adopts a truly client-centric approach when it comes to understanding human movement, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance. Each analysis provides in-depth metrics on posture, stability, balance, range-of-motion, strength, and a wide variety of assessments across upper and lower body dynamic movements.

Our injury prevention and performance analysis utilizes the VALD HumanTrak Movement System, ForceFrame, and ForceDecks. The HumanTrak leverages a 3D motion tracking system to create a dynamic 3D model of your body. This detailed analysis of your movement is captured in real-time, making it possible to assess your movement immediately while tailoring training or rehabilitation programs with clear measurable objectives in mind.

The ForceFrame tests muscle strength and assesses imbalance as well as prescribes isometric training using advanced sensors. ForceDecks is a dual plate system that has the ability to record your jump characteristics and strength while practicing dynamic and sports-specific movements. 

Following the analysis, the objective data is displayed on detailed graphs with metrics in real time. The analysis accurately assesses: 

  • Which arm or leg is stronger in specific areas of strength relevant to your activity

  • Whether previous injuries might be impairing your overall performance

Anyone of all ages and all activities can benefit from the Injury Prevention Evaluation. The data will show the results that are specific to your goals and needs in order to help you prevent injury and improve performance. The athlete completes this evaluation by meeting with a Boston Children’s Sports Medicine physician to provide further direction and guidance to their injury prevention plan. The athlete will then leave with a more comprehensive understanding of their body and the ability to further track progress and demonstrate outcomes. Each evaluation session is 2 hours. 


11 years old & older



11 years old & older


For our younger trainees (10 years old & under), we offer a modified evaluation

that focuses on the needs of this age population.


10 years old & under



10 years old & under


Call if you are interested in our modified injury prevention evaluation that does not include
the physician component ($295). 


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