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Know your risk: Sports Injury Prevention Evaluations

The IPE, or Injury Prevention Evaluation, is meant for athletes of all ages and abilities, anyone who leads an active lifestyle. The goal of this comprehensive evaluation is to help prevent injuries from occurring by highlighting the individual’s specific areas of weakness. Once the athlete determines the injuries they are at greatest risk for, they can learn how to significantly lower such risks and stay out of the doctor’s office.

An assessment of strength, range of motion, endurance, and flexibility is combined with the athlete’s medical history and training habits to provide them with a report outlining their most likely sports injuries. After meeting with a Sports Medicine physician to review the evaluation, the athlete will receive an individualized exercise prescription to help them reduce the risk of getting injured. At the end of the visit, the Injury Prevention Specialists at TMC will go over the athlete’s prescription and teach them the exercises that will benefit them most. They then have the option to train here, at another gym, or on their own.

  1. New Evaluation – 3 hours: $300

  2. Return Evaluation – 2.5 hours: $150

For our younger trainees (ages 10 & under) a modified evaluation is offered that focuses on the needs of this particular age group.

  1. New Evaluation – 2 hours: $175

  2. Return Evaluation – 1.5 hours: $100

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