Taylor Fletcher Named August Trainee of the Month!


Congratulations to Taylor who goes by her nickname T.T. and has been training with the center since April. Her determination and dedication to strengthening her knee after her ACL tear is apparent to The Micheli Center team!

Taylor’s favorite sport is soccer and she is very proud to have made the varsity team as a freshman, especially because she is playing with her older sister who she looks up to as a senior captain. While at the center, Taylor has worked on improving her quad to hamstring strength ratio which will decrease her chances of re-tearing her ACL. She has also learned how crucial perfecting her pivoting, jumping, and landing techniques is in reducing her risks of a re-injury.

Taylor feels more confident when cutting during her soccer games and believes it has given her a competitive edge. She has made injury prevention a part of her daily routine; using mini bands and exercises she has learned to activate her glutes, hips, hamstrings, and quads so that she can prevent her knee’s from collapsing inward.

Taylor’s favorite athletes live right under the same roof. Her parents, sisters, and brother have shown her that hard work pays off in your sport, and have motivated her to elevate her game.


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