Staff Highlight: Jen Morse


Jen Morse

Injury Prevention Specialist

Jen Morse

From: Littleton, MA

College attended: Fitchburg State University (Bachelor’s), Bridgewater State University (Master’s)

Favorite professional athlete: Patrice Bergeron

Fun fact: I share the same birthday as free Slurpee day!

How did you end up at The Micheli Center?

When I was obtaining my Master’s, I had observed numerous young athletes perform a stiff-legged deadlift incorrectly. After finding very little research on the biomechanics of the lift, I designed my own research study. From this point on, I was very passionate about critiquing exercises to ensure an athlete was promoting injury prevention. A few months after I finished my degree, this job posted – I thought I was dreaming!

What is the best part of working at The Micheli Center?

The atmosphere here is unique. Most of our training is one-on-one and therefore you’ll find our clients are never referred to as our 3 o’clock client, but rather on a first name basis. I think this really creates a fun environment and allows us to make a difference in these athlete’s lives.

What general advice would you give to young athletes aspiring to stay healthy while playing their sport?

Listen to your body. Pain should never be accepted. My biggest pet peeve is someone just stating they have a bad back. If your car didn’t work properly and it risked your safety, would you just accept it?


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