Injury Prevention Evaluations

IDEAL FOR: Athletes of all ages and abilities, anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Stay out of the doctor’s office and in the game by discovering the injuries you’re at greatest risk for, then learn how to lower those risks with this comprehensive evaluation.

An assessment of your strength, range of motion, endurance, and flexibility is combined with your medical history and training habits to provide you with a report outlining your most likely sports injuries. After meeting with a Sports Medicine physician to review your evaluation, you will receive an individualized exercise prescription to help you reduce the risk of getting injured. To wrap up the visit, our Injury Prevention Specialists will go over your prescription with you and guide you through the steps to implement this plan. You then have the option to train here, at another gym, or on your own.

New Evaluation (3 Hours) – $325
Return Evaluation (2.5 Hours) – $175

For our younger trainees (10 years old & Under) we offer a modified evaluation, that focuses on the needs of this age population.

New Evaluation (2 Hours) – $200
Return Evaluation (1.5 Hours) – $100

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