Concussion Prevention

Concussions sustained during sports have become a substantial medical problem. We at The Micheli Center are acutely aware of this issue, and have taken steps to prepare our trainees by launching the Concussion Return to Play Program and Concussion Prevention Classes.

In addition to the programs offered below, you can learn more about concussions, how to recognize if you have one, and what to do if you get one. Dr. Michael O’Brien, director of the Sports Concussion Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital, explains in the below video. You can also learn some simple steps to reduce your risk for receiving a concussion.

Baseline ImPACT Testing

The baseline ImPACT™ test is a neurocognitive, computer-based test that measures an athlete’s verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time. In the event that an athlete does sustain a concussion, this is a very useful tool for physicians to use in determining when it is safe for that athlete to return to sports.

$25, team rates available.

Offered Tuesday – Thursday from 8am – 7pm, Friday from 8am – 6PM and Saturday from and 8am – 3pm

Concussion Prevention Program

Private, 1.5 hour appointment
IDEAL FOR: Athletes in sports with heightened risks for concussion including football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and other contact and collision sports.

This program encompasses a full concussion prevention evaluation including: baseline ImPACT testing, clinical measurements, and specific recommendations and exercises to help athletes reduce their risk of sustaining a concussion. This package also includes three 30 minute follow-up strength training visits to be scheduled at your convenience.


Concussion Return to Play Program

Private, 30 minute appointments
IDEAL FOR: Athletes who have suffered a concussion and have been cleared by a physician to return to their sport.

Returning to sports too quickly after a concussion can often result in recurrence of symptoms and be dangerous for the athlete. Return to the field safely, and with confidence, by participating in a supervised return-to-play training progression which begins with light aerobic activities and works up to sports-specific exercises and drills. Activities are performed under the watchful eye of an trained professional. Clearance from a physician is required prior to participation.

1 Session – $25

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