3D Pitching Analysis

IDEAL FOR: Overhand pitchers 11 years and older.

Our state-of-the-art technology 3D analysis system, recently featured in Sports Illustrated, allows us to analyze your pitching mechanics from every angle to reveal mechanical flaws, inefficiencies, and other factors that increase your risk for injury.

Areas of focus

  • Timing of the pitching sequence
  • Kinematic sequence
  •  Arm position throughout all phases of the pitch
  •  Lower extremity breakdown throughout footstrike and ball release
  •  Core and torso biomechanics
  •  Clinical range of motion, strength, and posture measurements
  •  Functional strength

This thorough evaluation consists of two visits. The first visit is two hours and begins with an assessment of the pitcher’s strength and flexibility. After a proper warmup and stretch, a 3D analysis is then performed on the pitching mechanics. The second visit is one hour and occurs 1-2 weeks later. During this session findings of the 3D analysis are discussed and recommendations for changes to mechanics, and areas of improvement for strength and flexibility are reviewed.


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