Trainee of the Month

Every month The Micheli Center chooses a trainee who embodies our motto “Maximizing your performance through injury prevention”. These trainees are selected by the staff as someone who is working hard to maximize their time playing sports by learning about injury prevention. If you would like to make a nomination for trainee of the month, please email with the subject line “Trainee of the Month Nomination”.

February 2015-Katie Nugent

Nugent-Micheli CenterKatie has been working with The Micheli Center in the ACL Return to Play Program since November, after having ACL surgery with Dr. Martha Murray. She has been working hard to get back to her favorite sport, soccer, where she plays defender.

Since November Katie has seen a lot of progress in her quad and hamstring strength which she has learned decreases her chance of reinjuring an ACL. She has seen considerable total body strength increases and has learned that proper technique is key to maximizing her workout and preventing future injuries.

Katie’s favorite sports moment was wrapping up an undefeated season with Newton North High School’s soccer team with a state championship victory in 2013. Her favorite player is US Women’s National Soccer Player, Heather O’Reilly because of her work ethic and dedication to the sport.

Congratulations to Katie as she just signed with Bryant University soccer team!

December 2014-Julia Doherty

image1Julia, or Jules as her friends call her, went through The Micheli Center’s Injury Prevention Evaluation to prepare her for her upcoming season in swimming. Her favorite stroke is the breast stroke and her favorite swimmer is Michael Phelps.

She loves to do charity bike rides and her greatest accomplishment in cycling was receiving the golden pedal award. It was given out to the rider with the most determination and perseverance.The trainers admire her ability to self-motivate as well as how she gives 100% at her training sessions. Jules has learned how crucial it is to keep her hips pelvic tilted and the core strong so that she can maintain proper athletic posture during dry land training.

Her goal was to make the swim team and she has done just that has continued to see success.


November 2014-Ryan Welch

Congratulations to Ryan who has been coming to The Micheli Center since September, when he was referred by his pediatrician. He has been working hard in private training sessions to come back from a significant injury to his hip so that he can get back to his two sports – lacrosse and hockey.

Ryan believes the improvements he’s made in both strength and speed at the center contributed to him making the A team for his middle school hockey team. Ryan also plays midfield in lacrosse, and his favorite athlete is NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer, Rob Pannel who now plays lacrosse professionally.

Ryan’s greatest sports accomplishment came in a semifinals game when he scored the final goal in overtime to help his team advance to the state championship game. Keep up the hard work Ryan!

October 2014- Leonora Sperling

Leonora, or Leo as her friends call her, was referred to The Micheli Center by Dr. Stein of the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital for recurring leg injuries. After a full injury prevention evaluation she started the basketball pre-season class to prepare for her favorite sport.  The trainers and Leonora are most impressed with the significant upper body strength gains she has made so far.

Leonora’s favorite basketball players are Ray Allen and Jessica Washington, a stand-out UNC player.   Leo’s greatest sports accomplishment was playing basketball in Denmark where her team won the Nordic Championship.

While training at The Micheli Center, Leo has learned that putting hard work and dedication into injury prevention will give her a competitive edge in any sport she participates in. Based on the hard work she’s put in so far we see many more championships in Leo’s future.


September 2014 – Benjamin Everett-Wilson

Benjamin, or Ben as his friends call him, has been working at The Micheli Center to get back on the basketball court after undergoing ACL reconstructive surgery. While working at the center he has increased his hip and glute strength, improved his range of motion, and bettered his hamstring to quad strength ratio – all important factors for reducing the risk of future injury. 

Ben’s favorite sport is basketball and his favorite player is Kevin Durrant.

Ben’s hard work in our ACL return to play program has paid off as he was just recently cleared to return to sports.  Congrats Ben!

August 2014 – Taylor Fletcher

Congratulations to Taylor who goes by her nickname T.T. and has been training with the center since April. Her determination and dedication to strengthening her knee after her ACL tear is apparent to The Micheli Center team!

Taylor’s favorite sport is soccer and she is very proud to have made the varsity team as a freshman, especially because she is playing with her older sister who she looks up to as a senior captain. While at the center, Taylor has worked on improving her quad to hamstring strength ratio which will decrease her chances of re-tearing her ACL. She has also learned how crucial perfecting her pivoting, jumping, and landing techniques is in reducing her risks of a re-injury.

Taylor feels more confident when cutting during her soccer games and believes it has given her a competitive edge. She has made injury prevention a part of her daily routine; using mini bands and exercises she has learned to activate her glutes, hips, hamstrings, and quads so that she can prevent her knee’s from collapsing inward.

Taylor’s favorite athletes live right under the same roof. Her parents, sisters, and brother have shown her that hard work pays off in your sport, and have motivated her to elevate her game.

April 2014 – Emily and Christopher Devito

Emily and Christopher Devito have been chosen as the April Trainees of the Month for their hard work! The brother and sister duo, who go by Emme and CJ, have been working with the center since January after hearing Dr. Micheli on WBZ speaking about the importance of injury prevention.

Emme is a dedicated dancer, whose favorite type of dance is Lyrical because she is able to use a lot of expression to tell a story and use a high level of technique to execute her moves.  Her greatest accomplishment in dance is the confidence and emotion she is able to express while on stage that allows her to engage the audience in her performances.

CJ loves the fast pace of his favorite sport, lacrosse. He plays all over the field, but most enjoys defense and goalie. He’s most proud of scoring 5 goals this season and being in net to help his team to 3 wins.



Both siblings have developed strength and better balance since training at The Micheli Center. CJ has also learned the importance of running and pivoting safely and correctly on the field to reduce his injury risk, while Emme has found out she needs to develop all her muscle groups, not just the ones she uses in dance, to prevent overuse injuries.

Emme’s favorite dancer is So You Think You Can Dance season 8 winner Melanie Moore and CJ’s favorite athlete is retired NFL quarterback Todd Collins.

Based on the hard work we see these two doing every week at the center, we’re sure they’ll be just as successful as their role models!

March 2014 – Nicholas and Jonathan Marvan

The Marvan brothers, who go by Nick and Jonnie, have been training with The Micheli Center since January, and have been dedicated to doing everything they can to prevent injuries while enjoying their sports.

Nick is an avid lacrosse player who is most proud of winning an overtime braveheart at the summer lacrosse camp he attends. He says the most important thing he’s learned while working with the staff is how to use correct form while working out. His favorite athlete, Torgstein Horgmo, is a professional snowboarder from Norway who has won multiple gold medals at the Winter X Games.

Nick came to the center at the recommendation of Dr. O’Brien and has been working onstrengthening his back, core, and neck as well as becoming a better overall athlete.



Jonnie is a fullback on his football team, and his greatest accomplishment so far was scoring his first touchdown. When he’s at the center, Jonnie’s focus is strengthening his core to be safer on the field and he’s learned the importance of working out properly so he doesn’t affect his growth.

His favorite athlete is Adrian Peterson, and we’re sure that Jonnie will score just as many touchdowns as AP if he keeps working as hard he does right now!



February 2014 – Otto Rademacher

Otto, who is an avid skier and soccer player, has been working with the training staff at The Micheli Center for several months. Since coming to the center, Otto, who’s greatest athletic accomplishment is taking home 2nd place for his ski team, has learned the importance of stretching after exercising to help prevent injuries. He’s also learned how to land and move lightly, so that his body can better absorb impact while he’s on the mountain or the field.

Otto’s favorite athlete is professional skier Ted Ligety, and if he keeps up the amazing efforts he puts into his sports now, we know he’ll be just as successful one day.

Congratulations Otto!


January 2014 – Natalie Nogueira

Congratulations to Natalie, our January Trainee of the Month! Natalie has been working with The Micheli Center through the ACL Injury Prevention Program and has been doing personal training to help reduce the risk of other injuries as well.

Natalie’s favorite sport is basketball and her greatest accomplishment was winning a national 3-point shooting competition in Chicago. Just like her favorite athlete, Rajon Rondo, Natalie tore her ACL, but is now looking forward to getting back to playing. Since Natalie started working with the center, she has become much stronger and is now confident she can go back to playing point guard without worrying about her previous injury.

Natalie says the most important things she’s learned are the proper ways to move, jump, cut, and land to avoid another injury, as well as the need to always be working on her exercises to stay strong and healthy.



October 2013 – Matthew & David Osborne

Congratulations to brothers Matthew, who likes to go by Matty, and David, who prefers Dave, Osborne, who are The Micheli Center Trainees of the Month for October! Matty and Dave are on the US Luge Junior National D Team and have been working with TJ at the center to reduce their risk of injury while training. When Matty’s not working on his home exercise program he enjoys playing basketball and Dave used to fence as well.

Both Dave and Matty’s favorite sports moment was being selected the Junior National D Team, and Dave is also very proud of being amongst the finalist in the regional fencing tournament. Dave admires Tom Brady’s ability to perform under pressure and Matty most admires David Ortiz’s clutch performance, especially in this years World Series playoff run.

Both of these amazing athletes have learned the value of stretching and core strengthening in preventing sports injuries. Dave and Matty are both working hard with TJ to meet the goals they have set, along with the benchmarks given by the national team.

The Micheli Center is sure that success will follow these two brothers in their athletic careers and we’re proud to be a part of that success!

September 2013 – Allison Coukos

Trainee of the MonthAllison, or Allie as her friends call her, has been working with Dennis and The Micheli Center for over 6 weeks now.  In that time she has made significant gains in strength, increasing her vertical jump by 2 inches, broad jump by 4 inches, 1 rep max bench press by 25lbs and her 1 rep max front squat by 20 lbs, as well as increasing her pushups and situps per minute, all while increasing her lean muscle mass. In addition to private training, Allie has also participated in the concussion drop-in classes.

Allie, who heard about the center from her doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital, plays ice hockey, where her favorite position is center. Her greatest athletic accomplishment to date is starting for the varsity team her freshman year. Thanks to her work at the center, she’s getting closer to her goal of being able to return to the rink to play hockey after some tough injury luck. The athlete she admires most is another hockey player with strong Boston ties – Bobby Orr.

While working with the center, Allie has learned that neck and core strength and balance are extremely important, especially for concussion prevention.

Congratulations Allie! We look forward to seeing you excel on the hockey rink!

August 2013 – Abi Chapman

Congratulations to Abi Chapman, our first Trainee of the Month!

Abi has been working with Jen in our ACL Drop-In Classes throughout the summer and has come a long way in her training. She enjoys playing soccer, where her favorite position is midfield, and basketball, where she enjoys playing the forward position. Her greatest accomplishment in both soccer and basketball is making the Division 2 Select Team. Abi has two athletes that she looks up to – soccer player Mia Hamm and basketball player Rajon Rondo.

During her time working with Jen, Abi has set and reached many goals, but the one she’s most excited about is all the hard work she put in to correct her running style. Thanks to her time at The Micheli Center, Abi has learned that she must stretch my muscles before and after I work out in order to decrease her risk of injuries.