Matthew & David Osborne – October Trainees of the Month!


Congratulations to brothers Matthew, who likes to go by Matty, and David, who prefers Dave, Osborne, who are The Micheli Center Trainees of the Month for October! Matty and Dave are on the US Luge Junior National D Team and have been working with TJ at the center to reduce their risk of injury while training. When Matty’s not working on his home exercise program he enjoys playing basketball and Dave used to fence as well.

Both Dave and Matty’s favorite sports moment was being selected the Junior National D Team, and Dave is also very proud of being amongst the finalist in the regional fencing tournament. Dave admires Tom Brady’s ability to perform under pressure and Matty most admires David Ortiz’s clutch performance, especially in this years World Series playoff run.

Both of these amazing athletes have learned the value of stretching and core strengthening in preventing sports injuries. Dave and Matty are both working hard with TJ to meet the goals they have set, along with the benchmarks given by the national team.

The Micheli Center is sure that success will follow these two brothers in their athletic careers and we’re proud to be a part of that success!


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