Abi Chapman Named first TMC Trainee of the Month


Congratulations to Abi Chapman, our first Trainee of the Month!

Abi has been working with Jen in our ACL Drop-In Classes throughout the summer and has come a long way in her training. She enjoys playing soccer, where her favorite position is midfield, and basketball, where she enjoys playing the forward position. Her greatest accomplishment in both soccer and basketball is making the Division 2 Select Team. Abi has two athletes that she looks up to – soccer player Mia Hamm and basketball player Rajon Rondo.

During her time working with Jen, Abi has set and reached many goals, but the one she’s most excited about is all the hard work she put in to correct her running style. Thanks to her time at The Micheli Center, Abi has learned that she must stretch my muscles before and after I work out in order to decrease her risk of injuries.



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